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June 2020
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Griffith Shade Company has dramatically reduced the cost of our window shutters by centralizing operations and eliminating retail locations. This is only possible, though, with a highly trained staff of window shutter Designers who are experts in their field. Rather than untrained clerks with tape measures and price books, our Designers are window shutter design and installation professionals with backgrounds in shutter installation, interior decorating and interior design. The average tenure of an Griffith Shade Company Designer is nine years with the company and 16 years in the window shutter industry.
Designers work from remote locations spread throughout Nutley NJ. They travel directly to customers bringing the showroom into the living room with window shutter samples, photos of similar installations, framing pieces and other accoutrements to better display how the final product will look, how it will work, and the features that make it a superior product. As important, Designers bring a wealth of knowledge on how to design custom window shutters for Nutley NJ. This up front commitment has some important benefits for customers:
Prices are lower. We believe Griffith Shade Company sells a higher quality product at a lower price than any other window shutter company in Nutley NJ.
The design choices are greater: from alternate opening patterns, louver sizes and mounting styles to window shutter styles, paint colors and finishes. We gives you choices so you can determine what looks best and works best for you
Our window shutters are custom fit for each customer. Designers help you look at everything from energy conservation; furniture placement; travel patterns within the room; and panel access, to clearance issues; view preservation; light control and privacy. As a result, the Designer can present the best options for economics, aesthetics and ergonomics
The installation is better. Fewer mistakes are made because sizing is precise and comprehensive including: outsized latches and cranks; bay windows and curved walls; substrates of steel, marble, tile, concrete and foam; uneven floors and window sills; intruding moldings, tiles, cabinet doors, faucets and other window coverings
Our Window Shutters are not “oversold.” Whether there is danger of moisture damage; wind noise; poorly sealed windows; intrusion from heat registers or air conditioning vents; small children and low panels; uneven surfaces; insufficient clearances; or a desire for complete blackouts, Designers discuss what shutters won’t do; how they may fail; and what Griffith Shade Company can do to protect your investment.